Jill Marks, Marketing & Office Director

Jill Marks has an impressive past in Marketing, Sales and Service that spans over 30 years.   She has been successful at many companies such as Tektronix, Underwriters Laboratories, Harris Corporation, Entercom and Max Media Denver.

Jill manages the technology, website, databases, marketing and office management. Jill’s passion for ethics, business relationships and success ensures your experience at HSEAI will be exceptional.


who we are

Hunter Stuart Energy Advisors, Inc. is a consulting firm focused on assisting the oil industry on the economical and financial aspects of oil and gas projects. We are proud to serve the needs of independent oil companies and institutional investors focused on small to medium to large-sized transactions.  We are highly dedicated to our clients and bring a strong code of ethics to our work.  We believe in creating long-term relationships through honest dealing and clear communication. HSEAI has consulted on a variety of drilling ventures for clients throughout the United States.

John S. “Jack” Steinhauser, President

Jack Steinhauser is a business executive and financier with 34 years of experience in the oil & gas and technology industries.  Jack has been President and CEO of three Canadian public oil and gas exploration companies.  During his career, he has managed the generation, assembly, marketing, deal negotiation, and operational aspects of over seventy oil and gas exploration and development projects in the United States, South America and Eastern Europe and raised over $200 million in capital for oil and gas companies including private equity placements into private and public companies, private mezzanine debt placements, and project financing.

Jack received a BA in Economics from Claremont McKenna College in 1979.  Mr. Steinhauser attended graduate school at the University of Denver where he was one of the first participants in the Master of International Management Program, graduating in 1982.  

Debbie Springer, Advisor, Land Management

Debbie Springer is currently President at Audubon Energy and has 39 years of experience in all aspects of corporate and field land management. She founded Audubon Energy in 2012 and specializes in coordinating exploration programs, supervising land work, performing due diligence reviews and managing fee lands. Her areas of expertise have included the Gulf Coast, West Coast, and Williston Basin during affiliations with Texaco, Pueblo Oil & Gas, TransCanada Pipelines, Dome Petroleum, A. St. Martin Company, or Mandalay Oil & Gas.

Alan O’Hare, Advisor & Consulting Petroleum Engineer

Alan O’Hare is a registered Petroleum Engineer in the State of Colorado and a member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers with over 40 years experience in various field and management roles.  He currently serves on the Board of Directors of Wind River Energy and founded Ponderosa Resources Corporation.

Alan O'Hare graduated from the University of Wyoming in 1972 with a Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering.  He has served as a reservoir and field engineer, Senior Petroleum Engineer and was responsible for evaluating property acquisitions and supervising engineering for the Gulf Coast, Rocky Mountains, and Kansas.

Clifford C. Clark, Advisor & Geologic Consultant

Cliff Clark is a petroleum geologist/geophysicist with forty-five years of experience in U.S. basins. He has an expansive history with many major companies and large independents in the capacity of an exploration geophysicist. Cliff is adept at utilizing Kingdom 2d/3D Interpretation Software, and PETRA.  He is a Certified Petroleum Geologist (AAPG #62), Licensed Professional Geologist in Illinois (196-000423), and Registered Professional Geologist in Wyoming (PG-1897).   Cliff graduated from Edinboro State University in 1970 with a Bachelor's degree in Geology.  He received a Master of Science in Geology and Geophysics from Northern Illinois University in 1972.