You have put together a great drilling project at considerable cost in terms of time and effort.  Now it is time to find partners to get your venture underway.  Who do you call to get this process underway? 

Call Hunter Stuart.  We can help.  We have an extensive network of sophisticated companies and institutional investors who are always interested in looking at high quality drilling ventures. 

We can assist you in developing a sales package that will present the strengths of your project in the best possible light.  We will contact the appropriate investors for your project with an informative summary, and quickly build a list of parties who want to take a closer look.  We can then help you present the project, negotiate terms, and get a joint venture agreement in place. 

Selling a drilling venture is one of the most important activities that goes on in the world of small to medium-sized oil companies.  It is where the “rubber meets the road”, where your concepts, data and leasehold can create great value through drilling to find and develop the hydrocarbons you can so clearly see in your own mind.  We bring the experience and knowledge that will help you through this process, so you can realize the fruits of your labor through drilling success.

For prospective sell-side clients, our process is simple.  We will evaluate your asset or venture and determine whether it is a potential fit for specific investors we know of.   We will then assist you in preparation of presentation materials reflecting the merits of the asset or venture and setting forth proposed terms.  We contact potential investors and give them the key information they need to decide whether an in-depth evaluation of the opportunity is warranted.  If investors are interested, we will assist you in presenting the opportunity, responding to investor due diligence requirements, negotiating final terms, and closing.  Start to finish, this process can take as little as a month or two.  Our compensation is based on your success.  We want you to succeed with your project, and understand how important the right partner or financing source can be.