If you are looking to buy or sell oil and gas properties, we can help! 

Hunter Stuart maintains contact with an extensive network of both buyers and sellers.  This network allows us to quickly and efficiently make connections between the right buyer and seller for a particular property.  A seller needs a sophisticated buyer who can react quickly, readily understand both the obvious and subtler value of a particular property, and pay a reasonable price for it.  Buyers want to be able to negotiate directly with a seller, not waste time with bid or auction scenarios that have a low chance of success and don’t allow the buyer to truly understand the value of a property, and close a deal at a price that makes sense for everyone.

Given the depressed commodity prices prevailing in today’s business environment, Hunter Stuart provides buyers and sellers of oil properties some important competitive advantages.  For sellers, the advantages include being able to quickly recognize the sources of value in a property, how best to present that value proposition to a prospective buyer, to connect the seller with serious buyers in a smooth and efficient manner, and to guide the seller through the process of negotiating optimal terms.  For buyers, the advantage is to be able to find sellers of quality properties who are willing to engage in negotiated sales, and to bring buyer and seller together in a well-managed process of due diligence and negotiation of terms. 

In addition, Hunter Stuart has a network of excellent geologic and engineering talent if clients need technical work done in connection with a project.