Alexandra E. "Lexie" Steinhauser, Executive Assistant to Jack Steinhauser


Lexie has provided administrative services to HSEAI for almost two years. Lexie regularly updates her training in modern technology and business practices while handling the majority of our databases, executing marketing efforts, and office management. Lexie graduated from Lesley University with a degree in the Expressive Therapies and Psychology in 2014. Lexie ensures that Hunter Stuart Energy Advisor's Inc. continues to modernize how we do business in today's technologically driven world.

Cliff Clark

Jack Steinhauser

Lexie Steinhauser

John S. "Jack" Steinhauser, President 

Jack Steinhauser is a business executive and financier with 32 years of experience in the oil & gas and technology industries.  Jack has been President and CEO of three Canadian public oil and gas exploration companies.  At the present time he is the owner and President of Hunter Stuart Energy Advisors, Inc., a sell-side advisory firm working with oil and gas companies to divest assets, finance drilling joint ventures, or secure corporate finance.  During his career, he has managed the generation, assembly, marketing, deal negotiation, and operational aspects of over seventy oil and gas exploration and development projects in the United States, South America and Eastern Europe and raised over $200 million in capital for oil and gas companies including private equity placements into private and public companies, private mezzanine debt placements, and project financing.

Jack received a BA in Economics from Claremont McKenna College in 1979.  Mr. Steinhauser attended graduate school at the University of Denver where he was one of the first participants in the Master of International Management Program, graduating in 1982.  

Clifford C. Clark, Advisor and Geologic Consultant

Cliff Clark is a petroleum geologist/geophysicist with forty-five years of experience in U.S. basins.  Cliff graduated from Edinboro State University in 1970 with a Bachelor's degree in geology.  He received a Master of Science in Geology and Geophysics from Northern Illinois University in 1972.  He was initially employed by Chevron as a geologist/geophysicist in the Gulf Coast Region from 1972 to 1975.

In 1977 Cliff joined Getty Oil Company as a Senior Geophysicist with a focus on the Rocky Mountain and Gulf Coast Basins.  In 1981 he worked for Anadarko Production Company, basin in Denver, Colorado.  From 1981 to 1986 he was a Division Geophysicist with Ensource Inc., based in Denver.   From 1986 to 1989 he worked with First Seismic Corporation.  In all these positions, he worked with major companies or large independents in the capacity of an exploration geophysicist.

In 1989, Cliff formed Freedom Energy Associates, a geologic and geophysical consulting company serving several Independents.  Cliff also began generating prospects for sale to industry.  While in this capacity, Cliff spent more than fifteen years of recent 3-D workstation experience (SMT’s Kingdom-2d/3D Pak for numerous clients such as BP, MHA, Kerr-McGee Rocky Mountain Corporation, Mountain Petroleum, Davis Petroleum, Sharon Resources, Bonneville Fuels, Norstar, in Colorado, Texas, Wyoming, North Dakota, Montana, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Louisiana, New Mexico, and California).  Cliff also developed and drilled coalbed methane projects in Illinois and Indiana, and developed and marketed a large, successful Wind River Basin Prospect.  Cliff performed “New Ventures” basin analysis and prospect development for Kerr-McGee throughout North America 2002- 2003, and later worked on New Ventures for Anadarko (2005-2006).

Subsequently, Cliff has worked as a geologist and geophysicist for J-W Operating Company from 2006-2010, Rex Energy Corporation from 2010-2012, Forestar Petroleum from 2012-2013, and Legacy Energy, LLC/Woodbury Resources, from 2013-2016.  Cliff is adept at utilizing Kingdom 2d/3D Interpretation Software, and PETRA.  He is a Certified Petroleum Geologist (AAPG #62), Licensed Professional Geologist in Illinois (196-000423), and Registered Professional Geologist in Wyoming (PG-1897).   

 In 1982, Jack joined Sharon Energy Ltd. a Denver-based oil and gas public company listed on the Vancouver, NASDAQ and Boston stock exchanges, and Sharon Resources, Inc., its wholly-owned U.S. subsidiary.  Holding successive positions as Land Manager, Executive Director, Executive Vice President and President of Sharon Energy and Sharon Resources, Jack was involved in raising $25 million in project financing for the drilling of forty-seven drilling projects involving 176 wells in nine states.   

In 2002, Jack founded Hunter Stuart Energy Advisors, a management and financial consulting firm focused on marketing joint venture projects to the oil and gas industry.  In 2003, Jack founded Upstream Energy Capital with two partners to provide financial advisory and investment banking services to the industry.  In 2005, Corporate Development Capital became the successor to Upstream as an NASD-SIPC Broker-Dealer.  Since the inception of Upstream, the two firms have successfully placed approximately $110 million of equity and debt financing from institutional sources into oil and gas projects in the Rocky Mountain, Mid-Continent, and Gulf of Mexico regions. 

In 2005, Jack was appointed President and CEO of Gold Point Exploration Ltd.  Gold Point is a public company listed on the Toronto TSX Venture Exchange. Gold Point initially engaged in a program of drilling exploration and development wells in Texas, Montana and South Dakota which resulted in the discovery and development of a gas field in South Dakota.  In 2007, the Company sold its U.S. assets and refocused its exploration efforts in Argentina and Colombia.  In 2008 the Company developed a portfolio of conventional and unconventional assets in Poland and then agreed to merge with London Stock Exchange-listed San Leon Energy Plc. 

In 2009 Jack founded Equinox Resources LLC, an oil and gas asset development company, with partner Alan O’Hare.  Some of the Equinox assets were merged into a Canadian public company which led to the creation of Wind River Energy Corp., a TSX-listed public company, in 2010.  Jack served as President and CEO of Wind River Energy Corp. until September, 2011.

In September 2011, Jack restarted his advisory firm: Hunter Stuart Energy Advisors, Inc.   Since then Hunter Stuart has successfully undertaken and placed a variety of drilling ventures, sold producing properties, and found and purchased producing properties for clients throughout the United States.

Alan O'Hare

From 1988 to 1990, Alan was employed as Manager of Engineering and Acquisitions at Energy Minerals Corporation.  This position involved working with the President of the Company on a series of property acquisitions.

In 1990, Alan founded Ponderosa Resources Corporation as an engineering consulting and executive management consulting firm to the oil and gas industry which continues to operate to this day.  Clients have included International Paper, Dow Chemical, Burlington Resources and others. He assisted International Paper in developing an acquisition strategy which resulted in a $60 MM acquisition. He assisted Dow Chemical in acquiring a $30 MM asset. The Company consulted to Frontier Resources Operations Management where Alan was appointed Chief Operating Officer in 1997. Alan was integral in negotiating a drilling joint venture with Alberta Energy (now Encana) for Frontier. He subsequently resigned that position in order to form Direct Detection Experts, LLC.

In 1999, Mr. O’Hare co-founded Direct Detection Experts, LLC in order to combine his business and engineering skills with Mr. John Masters’ geological skills and exploration techniques to generate and develop oil and gas prospects in the western U.S. Mr. O’Hare negotiated joint ventures with various companies including CDX Gas, Enron and Fortuna USA (Tallisman of Canada). The company was restructured into DDX Corp. in October 2003. DDX Corp. became a management company to manage the business of Hunter Energy LLC in October 2004 and Mr. O’Hare was elected President and Chairman of Hunter Energy, a position he held until 2007.  At Hunter, he supervised the building of an exceptional professional and support staff from 2 employees to 13 employees. He supervised the development of by-passed pay prospects in Montana, Wyoming, Colorado and Utah with a staff of professional engineers, geologists, and petrographers. He has overseen the leasing of over 400,000 acres of land in support of drilling prospects, and has negotiated drilling joint ventures with Energy Ventures LLC, (subsidiary of Weatherford International), and Triangle Petroleum USA.

Alan was a co-founder of Equinox Resources LLC in 2009. The company divested the majority its assets to Wind River Energy Corp. in 2010.   Alan was elected to the Board of Directors and Chief Operating Officer of Wind River Energy, Inc. in 2010 and became Chief Executive Officer of the company in September 2011. He is a member of the Board of Directors of the company and has served as Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer of the company from August 2010 to September 2011.  

Alan is a registered Petroleum Engineer in the State of Colorado and a member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers.



Alan O'Hare, Advisor and Consulting Petroleum Engineer


Alan O'Hare graduated from the University of Wyoming in 1972 with a Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering.  He was initially employed as a reservoir and field engineer from 1972 to 1976 with Texaco in Wyoming and North Dakota.  

Alan then joined Ladd Petroleum, serving in various positions including Senior Petroleum Engineer from 1976 to 1981.  With Ladd, Alan was responsible for evaluating property acquisitions and supervising engineering for the Gulf Coast, Rocky Mountain, and Kansas operating areas.  

In 1981, Alan founded O'Hare Energy Corporation which grew primarily through the acquisition and development of producing oil properties.  He supervised all aspects of the company, including a joint venture with AT&T Pension Fund.  The company was sold in 1988 after growing from one to eighteen employees.

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