Bringing together buyers and sellers of successful oil and gas properties.


Mineral/Royalty ownership, Mapping, data discovery services.

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Hunter Stuart Energy Advisors, Inc. (“Hunter Stuart”) is a Colorado-based investment banking and advisory firm, owned and managed by Jack Steinhauser, and oilman with thirty-seven years of experience in the industry.

We offer three main services:

  • bringing together buyers and sellers of oil and gas properties in successful property transactions
  • securing joint venture participation for high-quality drilling ventures
  • raising equity or debt in association with Houston-based FINRA firm                               

If you are a buyer or seller of oil and gas properties, a developer of high quality drilling ventures, or need to raise capital for your company, please contact Hunter Stuart Energy Advisors for a no-cost, no-obligation initial consultation.  Our fees are reasonable, and we can react quickly to address your needs.

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capital sourcing

Securing Joint Venture participation for high-quality drilling ventures

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Main Services

Accessing project equity and debt capital with institutional and industry investors.

Property transactions

Whether you are buying, selling or investing, hunter stuart energy advisors have you covered.